Monday, November 16, 2009

Autumn Quilting

This past October I had the opportunity to make a few cute things out of one panel of material I picked up at the Yankee Quilter. The panel had several Halloween scenes, and there were six pictures in total. Since I love antique Colonial homes, two of my favorite panels illustrated spooky houses and are shown below. The second house, in particular, reminds me of one of my favorite Victorian homes in Cornwall, Vermont!

The first 4 panels I used to make a fun table runner. Out of the two remaining pictures, I used one to make Olivia a quilted Trick-Or-Treat bag that included black fabric with candy corn -- pretty appropriate I thought! The bag was large enough for plenty of candy, and it certainly is a keepsake for use year after year. I have one picture left from the panel, and I'm not quite sure what I'll do with that one yet... I can get creative with it next year!

Speaking of bags, this past weekend Olivia told me she needed a large bag for her books. After giving her a plastic shopping bag (that she rejected) and then offering her several large faux-leather bags I had in the attic, she very sweetly said, "I want you to make me one, Mom." How could any mother refuse?? We moved into the quilt room where she rummaged through my scraps, and at that point decided her bag was to be made out of strips of fabric. It was such a nice day spent with each other... Olivia ironed the strips and planned their order, I measured and sewed. The bag was quilted, a pocket added to the front, and it was done by 11 pm. Not bad for approximately 5 hours work! When Olivia woke up the next morning and I told her the bag was done, she jumped out of bed like it was Christmas!! She loved the bag, and is in the process will filling it with books.

Finally, this Friday night I'll be taking a class at the Yankee Quilter to make a "tumbling blocks" table runner. I have plenty of table runners -- Christmas, Easter, Halloween, pretty year-round fabric patterns -- but none for the Fall. Below are the fabric selections I've chosen for Friday's class... this fabric includes a few pieces from Moda's Gobble Gobble line (thanks for the suggestion Lisa!). Needless to say I will post my finished product.

Until then, happy quilting ~ Christine

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  1. YAY!!! I love your table runner and Olivia's bag is adorable! She did a great job picking out the fabric! Can't wait to see your Tumbling Blocks runner, the fabric is very pretty! C-ya