Sunday, December 21, 2008

Welcome Winter!

I would have been remiss if I didn't post something about the winter weather we've had here in the East this weekend. Very appropriate given today was the first day of winter! Above is a picture of my two Golden Retrievers out during the height of the storm, which didn't seem to bother them!

The snow started Friday afternoon about 1 pm; schools had cancelled for the day as a precaution, so my husband and daughter lucked out with a snow day. It continued to fall right through early this afternoon, for a total of about 10". It made for great sledding, cooking making, and quilting (of course)... but the snow is gone, along with the weekend, and it's back to reality tomorrow.

My Very First Blog

Hello everyone, I'm new to this whole blogging idea, so please be patient with me! I've been inspired by my friend Lisa, who became addicted to quilting after seeing a finished photo of my quilt "Three Bean Salad". Since then, she's been off and running, putting me to shame and making more quilts than I can count this year! Check out her blog at

Since the holidays are upon us, it's a time to not only look back, but to also look forward and determine where we'd like to go in 2009. Like many of us, my New Year's Resolution will be to lose weight. I threw out an idea to my local quilt shop (that didn't embrace it) to offer a quilt class that would feature a "block of the month" illustrating the number of pounds lost that month. The goal is to have a 12-block quilt featuring monthly blocks that depict the quilters weight loss achievements. By January 2009, not only will I be thinner and healthier, but I'll also have a cozy quilt to cuddle under that will be a culmination of the 12 months of weight loss I have achieved!

This blog will memorialize those efforts, and I invite my fellow quilters to join me!!

Since I don't have a specific pattern picked out, I encourage you to select something that will work well for your particular skill level. Personally, I have been quilting for 3+ years, and will probably do blocks that will allow me to applique items that represent the number of pounds lost that month. For example, perhaps a block that represents 3 birds for 3 lbs. loss -- does that make sense?

As I mentioned earlier, this is going to be a work in progress, but I hope you will join me for the ride. I'm open to your feedback, progress and suggestions, so feel free to drop me a line!

Wishing you a ver Merry Christmas, and all the best for a healthy and prosperous New Year!!